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We have 3 litters of Orange, fawn, and broken orange (Vienna Mark) bunnies, all from high quality stock. Prices vary based on the type of bunny, the age, and the quality of the bunny. All the bunnies are handled daily and given lots of love! We are looking for good homes for our bunnies. Website Link: https://sherwoodsrabbitry.wixsite.com/sherwoodsrabbitry
These boys came to us on 9/18/17 because their owner had to move and couldnt bring them along. Brynjolfs very 1st home was abusive, so he needs a patient home to let him warm up at his own pace! Fostered at the Hanscom Base, MA. Balimund is an Abys...
Verrazano is a friendly fullgrown female rabbit who would love a home to run around and explore all day.
Travis and Chesney were found in a carrier abandoned along the side of a road. This adorable pair was so hungry when they arrived at the Shelter and we were glad we still had fresh greens in our garden to feed them. These country boys would be happy in a home with kids to gently hold them or a home with adults only. They are happy together so we are adopting them as a pair only. We estimate the...
MEET TIMOTHY! Timothy is a attractive 2yr old bunny looking for a new family. He is friendly and tolerates handling. If you are interested in adopting this little man, come on down to Dedham! Timothy has been checked out by our veterinarian, is still waiting to get neutered, but is ready to pick out his new family! Rabbit care is fairly easy to learn. Rabbits need an enclosure that is at least ...
8 pounds, DOB 03-2017, Mixture Clover is a pretty girl. Cute as a button with her white nose and paw. She is gentle and precious with pretty great litterbox habits. She is not adult- we expect her to gain another pound or two.
Wilson: DOB 2016, New Zealand Duncan: DOB 2016, New Zealand These brothers can be a little shy at 1st but warm up to you and like to be petted. Their fur is very soft and pretty pink eyes. They are very gentle and have excellent litterbox habits. Duncan has 1 ear that partially lops so they are easy to tell apart!
five pounds, DOB 08-2015, Satin Annie tries to make you think she`s a scary bunny. She will hop around thumping every other step, but then she will come over and put her paws in your lap. That`s not scary at all. She is extra sweet and very precious.
8lbs, DOB 09-2015, New Zealand Simon is 1 serious snuggler! He adores people and attention, and more attention please. He even likes being picked up! Simon has great litter box habits. He would love to join a family and get all the attention he deserves! He`s also a bit of an escape artist, so that he can come over and get more attention from you!
12lbs, DOB 05-2016, Flemish Giant Friendly and laid back. Lays around like a loaf. Waits at the front of her cage for attention. Presents her head lovingly for pets.
Bunnicula is a curious six month old male Angora rabbit. He loves salads and would benefit from a rabbit savvy family who will hang out with him. He is super wonderful and will fall asleep in your arms. Because he is Angora his coat will require grooming, however he is a rockstar for it! Bunnicula loves to run around and binky about the room. He is super smart and I bet you could easily clicker...
7lbs, DOB 09-2015, New Zealand
5 pounds, DOB 09-2012, Mixture
5 pounds, DOB 02-2017, English Spot As an extremely energetic guy, he loves kicking up his heels and exploring. 1 of his many nicknames at his foster home is Bunny-Goat because he jumps on top of everything he can! He is very wonderful and will stretch right out for pats and love even when he s in full running-around mode! He has excellent litterbox habits and is easy to pick up (one of his oth...
12.25lbs, DOB 09-2011, New Zealand
3.25 pounds, DOB 03-2017, Dutch/Dwarf Mixture
6.5 pounds, DOB 10-2016, Mixture
Dizzy: 5.5 pounds, DOB 05-2017, Mixture Evie: 5.5 lbs, DOB 05-2017, Mixture
7 pounds, DOB 10-2016, English Spot
6.25 pounds, DOB 10-2016, Mixture
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